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Health Nutrition - Brain Supplement

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Powerful Nootropic Brain Support Supplement

Optimal Cognitive Support: This supplement is packed with powerful nutrients that support the neurotransmitters in your brain. This fires up your brain and naturally supports focus and clarity, helps memory, assists concentration.

Extra Strength Nootropics, Premium Ingredients, Scientifically Formulated, Expertly Crafted

Did You Know

Every ingredient, including our proprietary nootropic blend, contains properties that work to create a powerful supplement that supports all 5 indicators of brain performance:

Supports Focus, Memory, Learning, Accuracy, Concentration

Premium Ingredients for a High Quality Supplement

DMAE: This natural compound is found in fish such as salmon and is used to support concentration, help positive mood, and support memory.

Bacopa: This is an absolute powerhouse nutrient that has been shown to help your rate of learning and support concentration.

GABA: Negative effects occur when GABA in the brain is too low. As a natural brain relaxant, GABA helps with stress and supports relaxation.

Antioxidants: Antioxidants are crucial for defending against free radicals, which will help your brain health and support your memory.

Why Choose Health Nutrition

Premium Ingredients: We manufacture our Brain Support Supplement with the highest quality ingredients available while following current good manufacturing practices. It is manufactured under the strictest quality standards and all ingredients are tested for purity and quality.

  • Powerful Brain Support: Each of the 40 ingredients in our Brain Support Nootropic Supplement have been chosen for their uniquely powerful properties
  • Supports 5 Brain Health Indicators: The proven ingredients of this brain supplement support 5 different indicators of brain health: focus, memory, learning, accuracy, and concentration
  • Focus and Energy: Works to help you clearly focus on your most important tasks and provides all day support for optimal support
  • Natural Ingredients: Our premium blend includes natural ingredients such as Bacopa Monieri, Vitamin B12, and Dmae Bitartrate
  • Trusted Formula: Bottled in the USA following strict cGMP guidelines and third party lab certified for quality and purity