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Kids Immune Support Gummies with Vitamins, Echinacea and Zinc - Children's Immune Support Gummy, Tasty Natural Grape Flavor, Vegan by Nature's Gummies - 90 Gummy Bears

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Nature's Gummies Immune Support Gummies Formulated Specifically for Kids With the "Big 3" for Immune Support...In a Yummy Grape Gummy Vita C (Asorbic Acid) - 20mgEchinacea Extract - 10mgZinc (Zinc Citrate) - 3mg Power Packed Nature's Gummies Immune Support Gumies for Kids are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants designed with your child in mind. Its a winning combination. Did You Know Supplements should be formulated differently for kids than they are for adults. When done right, supplements can have a powerful impact on wellness. Yummy Gummies Our easy to eat gummies come in a tasty grape flavor that makes giving your kids their daily, 2 gummy serving, delicious and easy. Vita C Known for its strong antioxidant properties. Echinacea Another antioxidant with probiotic properties. Zinc Though it’s the last element of the Periodic Table, zinc is found in more than 300 enzymes in the body and is a vital immune health support. Trusted Formula Formulated and manufactured following strict cGMP guidelines. Third party tested to ensure the quality and purity of each batch Nature's Gummies - Quality You Can Trust

  • Essential Immune Support: Nature's Gummies Kids Immune Support Gummies are an easy way to get all the immune support benefits of Vitamins (C), Echinacea, and Zinc all packed into tasty gummies your kids will love; Our gummies are vegan, pectin based, and contain no gelatin
  • Vitamin Support: A powerful antioxidant and essential vitamin your body is unable to produce naturally, Vita C must be obtained through diet or supplementation; It gives immune support and helps defend against the effects of free radicals
  • Echinacea: Echinacea, or purple coneflower, is a flowering plant that contains an impressive variety of active compounds such as caffeic acid, alkamides, phenolic acids and rosmarinic acid
  • Zinc: Zinc is an essential trace element normally found in meats, beans, and grains that give immune system support
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