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Sleep Support Supplement Extra Strength Melatonin 10 mg Formula - Natural Rest and Relaxation - Made in USA - Best Calming Complex with Magnesium, Chamomile, L-Theanine, Passion Flower


Extra Strength Melatonin Sleep Support

Optimal Sleep Support: This supplement contains 12mg of premium melatonin per serving for extra strength sleep support. Each capsule works to help you relax and get the sleep so you can live your highest quality life every day.

Extra Strength Melatonin, Premium Quality, Scientifically Formulated, Expertly Crafted

Did You Know

Melatonin's main job in the body is to set night and day cycles or sleep-wake cycles. Darkness causes the body to produce more melatonin, which signals the body to prepare for sleep. Some people who have trouble sleeping have low levels of melatonin and getting more melatonin from supplements can help support sleep.

Why Choose Nature’s Nutrition

Premium Ingredients: We manufacture our Sleep Support Supplement with the highest quality ingredients available while following current good manufacturing practices. It is manufactured under the strictest quality standards and all ingredients are tested for purity and quality.

  • Sleep Support: Nature's Nutrition Sleep Support Gummies are the perfect way to get sleep support that is gentle on your stomach and effective
  • Melatonin: Melatonin is a naturally occuring in your body; we have packed in melontonin into each gummy to give you the right amount for you
  • Chamomile Flower: This nutrient-rich flower with naturally occuring antioxidants
  • Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 benefits the body by converting the amino acid tryptophan, an essential amino acid that helps at night
  • Third Party Certified: Every batch of our Melatonin Sleep Support Gummies are third party certified for quality by an experienced dietary supplement lab