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Spirulina Capsules 1500mg - Extra Strength Spirulina Supplement - Natural Antioxidant and Fatty Acids - Rich in Minerals and Vitamins - Non-GMO

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Spirulina Capsules 1500mg; Extra Strength Spirulina Supplement; Natural Fatty Acids; Rich in Minerals and Vitamins; Non Gmo

  • Extra Strength Spirulina: Nature's Nutrition Daily Spirulina Complex is loaded with nutrients; We use patented Earthrise California Spirulina made from algae free from animal waste and grown naturally with high quality spirulina
  • High Quality, Non gmo, California Grown Blue Green Algae Spirulina
  • Super Rich in Antioxidants, Multivitamins and Fatty Acids
  • Packed with Natural Vitamins and Minerals
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